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Best Bridal Bouquet You Can Choose in Wedding

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Modern girls do have a lot to choose from: a beautiful bouquet of roses or orchids, touching the composition of wildflowers, elegant bouquets in the form of spheres … Today every bride has the opportunity to walk down the aisle with the ideal bouquet. In addition, the bride’s bouquet can be made not only of the colors;

Bouquet of these butterflies

Bouquets of beads have several advantages: weave of this material can be any color; they look very unusual and elegant. Under sunlight beads will sparkle and shine like real jewels!

Best Bridal Bouquet You Can Choose in Wedding Bouquets of tissue

To create these amazing colors fabric selected the most delicate and beautiful: the finest chiffon, organza airy, elegant lace. Additional decoration accessory often serve pearls and ribbons. From a distance, these bouquets can be difficult to distinguish from natural flowers, even the experts – so gracefully and gently they look.

Bouquets of paper

Made by designers from special paper sheets – so called crepe (corrugated) paper. Such compositions are distinguished by originality, low price, and decorate them with glitter, spraying or monogram Suite.

Bouquet of beads

The bride chose for this wedding bouquet, cannot limit your imagination in its drafting: sparkling crystal, Czech glass beads or aventurine, pearl, coral, amber, finally, Swarovski crystals. At the request of the girls, beads in a bouquet can be exactly the same as on the dress.
These bouquets are not only looks original and unusual. Unlike bouquets created from natural flowers, they can be stored for many years and again giving pleasant memories of the wedding ceremony.

However, even this is not all! Becoming increasingly popular, sweet bouquets of sweets, chocolate and marzipan. Decorated with a sweet miracle beads, ribbons, fresh flowers, and symbolizes a long sweet life. Of course, such compositions are rarely exactly the bride’s bouquet, but to get a gift from the man she loved in such an important day – very nice (especially for the sweet tooth).

Good day to you!

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