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Mental and Emotional Impact of Stress

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Research shows that there is a big impact on the mentality due to extra pressure. In normal life every context of the situation is beg for the stress in term of the psychology. In neurological impact the psychology demand the fact of the favorable condition. This type of condition gives a fresh mentality. After all fresh mentality will provide you a fresh mind. Mind is the best thing that guides you the most. So its good health is the claim of psychology. Impact of stress is much more effective in daily life.

Mental and Emotional Impact of Stress

Definition Stress and Depression:
Stress is the most eventual fact that occurs for human being in the run of action. In every action people get involved in various stressful activities. A man when act as the mental tensioned activities that is called stress. Stress always provides uneasiness. This uneasiness sometime fall you into a serious depression. Depression occurs in the mean time of the stressful action. Every action of the stress may be diverted to the depression. Depression involved the unusual mental gloomy in the mean time of the regular activity. The actions of the system structure are measured for the daily impact on the basis of mentality. Mental power claims the functional development of human being.

Stress and depression in bipolar disorder:
Chronic and/or severe stress can also negatively affect people with Bipolar Disorder. This illness, also known as manic depression or bipolar affective disorder, involves dramatic shifts in mood, energy level, and behavior from the highs of mania (one pole) to the lows of major depression (the opposite pole).

Every action of the disorder activities that is eventually involved in depression is called the mental stress. Its impact effects on the mentality. In the mean time of the regular activity mental disorder comes from the depression. This depression is the fundamental aspect in the daily life. It also effect on the serious actions in the life.

Impact of mental stress:
Due to serious mental stress the following symptoms may be appeared for a person. This action may grasp them in regular activities.

The utmost impact of the stress is frustration. This sign is the ultimate showy impact for human being. Such activities discourage them to be effective in action. By this process they cannot concentrate in action.

In every action of stressful person may be influenced for the irritable action. They feel uneasy in action. Finally cannot tolerate the system. So that it is the function of the depression. It affects not only for the regular action but also for the mental activities.

Decreased interest in appearance:
A depressed person may be appearing disinterested in every sphere of life. They are not so much interested in action. So they should be active in the normal sense of action. Not for the life term but in the activity.

Problems in communication:
They are not so much easy and much communicative in action. They are too much self centered and do not want to communicate with others. So their normal activity hampers in context with the normal life. It is very unusual for them.

Social withdrawal and isolation:
Man is social being. Such kind of action like depression will appear them isolation. In the mean time they want to withdraw themselves from the society.

In every sphere of the life they involved in impulsivity like expressed as impulse buying, gambling, sexual behavior, or similar activity. No more action needed for the influence action.

Some time mostly they are highly hostile in the mean time of the regular activity. Hostility may come from the ultimate issue of the section activity.

Decreased concern with punctuality:
Total human being need to be punctual to develop in life. Depression decreases this concern in action. The functional activity will hamper in life. So it is very unusual for life.

Obsessive/compulsive behavior:
In the action of the form they try to cope with unwanted repeated thoughts or obsessions, by engaging in compulsive behavior rituals such as counting, checking, washing, etc.

Reduced work efficiency or productivity:
This kind of work will imply the normal people to reduce the working efficiency and productivity of the person. Their regular consent of action may not be appropriated.

Lying or making excuses to cover up poor work:
Always try to say lie. This kind of lying may lead them to be more delightful in excuse. This kind of behavior makes up them to cover the poor work.

Excessive defensiveness or suspiciousness:
They are more defensive and suspicious in action. Need to be more compulsive behavior in normal life.

Anger comes from the ultimate depression. Continuously stressful mind is fallen somebody in depression. This depression will adjust to be anger in everything.

Aggressive feelings and behavior:
Much more depression will lead a people to grow aggressive feelings and unusual behavior. This behavior is the impact of the stress. Ultimately the depression implies the section.

Stress and Cognitive Functioning:
The continuous presence of stress hormones in the body may alter the operation and structure of some aspects of the nervous system. More specifically, stress hormones may decrease the functioning of neurons (brain cells) in a region of the brain known as the hippocampus (a part of the brain that is important for laying down new long-term memories) and in the frontal lobes (the part of the brain that is necessary for paying attention, filtering out irrelevant information, and using judgment to solve problems). As a result, people who are chronically stressed may experience confusion, difficulty concentrating, trouble learning new information, and/or problems with decision-making.

Stress and Personality Changes:
The term personality is used to describe the consistent individual patterns of thoughts, emotion, and behavior that characterize each person across time and situations. Each individual's personality is thought to be influenced by both an inherited "genetic" component (usually called temperament) and by their interactions with the environment. Some people experience personality changes in response to stress hormones, which are part of their internal environment. The following changes in personality are not uncommon to observe in people who are stressed.

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